Writing Research Paper Outline: Step-by-Step Guide

Writing research paper outlines are challenging. It is part of students’ lives. All students must spend enough time to create successful research papers. Research paper outlines are helpful point-by-point plans, which simplifies one’s research essay writing. Before one can proceed to write an outline, one must take a few pre-writing steps. They help create the finest quality outline hence good academic work.

Before one can write a research paper outline:

  • Select appropriate topics: choosing relevant topics is a vital factor for successful research papers. Whether you choose topics for yourself, it must work not according to your weakness but strengths. Appropriate topics must provoke readers. Whereas for selecting good essay topics for one’s research paper, we provide professional writing services. We provide essay writing services if one needs any.
  • State arguments: after choosing a topic, allocate some time to understand what type of arguments you need to support. You must know why it is significant. And you also must know why it is significant to others. Question yourself, “what are the goals of the thesis statements? Can it incite a meaningful debate that will change the globe? How do I build research papers on these arguments? When you have the responses to these questions, then you are closer to writing successful research papers.
  • Know your audience: most times, only your instructor will read your research paper. You also must understand the type of audience that you have. Will your professor support or disagree with your argument? When trying to understand your audience, you will have to apprehend the kind of language that is appropriate: can you use jargon or formal language? The tone and overall style of one’s research paper depend on the readers it aims.
  • Conduct research. There are no research papers that do not have thorough and proper research. You must examine many resources to find proof to aid your arguments. First and foremost, you must look for general information to reinforce your thesis statements, and you must dig deeper. You must be vigilant of any disagreements and pieces of evidence supporting them.
  • Organize references: A reference is evidence of each argument and research that you conduct. One must prioritize references according to relevance and importance to one’s thesis statements.

Writing strong research paper outlines

When you finish pre-writing activities and create quality research paper topics, you can now write efficient research paper outlines. Outlines are basements of one’s research paper. One can build a whole research paper from just an outline. Each outline contains three essential parts, i.e., the body, conclusion, and introduction. The more you detail your outlines for high-quality and successful research papers, the better the research paper.


  • Hooks
  • Defining the audience.
  • Thesis statements.


  • Arguments to reinforce the thesis.


  • Summary of the arguments.
  • Then, action.

Research paper outline:


The introduction is a significant part of all academic research papers. Three elements make a good introduction.

  • Hook. Whether your research is big or small, hooks are usually five sentences long. It persuades the audience to read your work.
  • Knowing the audience. You have to define your audience.
  • Thesis statements. You state your argument at this point.


Bodies are also essential parts of the research papers. It is a vast section.


At this stage, one has to summarize his arguments.


Creating quality research outlines is vital in composing your research papers. Make sure you write down notes when carrying out your research. And ask for help when you need it.


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