Steps of Research Paper Writing Process

Are you trying to get on with your assignment, but you are having writer’s block and just staring at a paper? Writing a research paper is not an easy task, and it needs a lot of time and energy. And since it makes up for a lot of makes in a students’ grades, they need to endure that they get it right. Mastering how to write a research paper then becomes an essential skill in college and high school because of the grades it carries. This article will help you have an easy time writing a research paper by providing you with some easy steps you can take to come up with an excellent paper.

Select a topic

The student that are given topics to research is fortunate. However, if you have the discretion of choosing your topic, you have an uphill task ahead. Choosing the right topic is quite a difficult task, and it needs you to do a lot of brainstorming to find something that fits the requirements and that you are comfortable with. You should choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you will enjoy writing about. 

Write a thesis statement

This statement is essential in guiding you to stay within the scope of the subject. From time to time, you will be referring to this statement and asking yourself if what you are doing is answering the question or in line with the statement. It should be a concise and clear statement that reflects on what you are writing. You can divide your research paper into three categories that include analytical, expository, and argumentative. 

Research your topic

The research part involves reading through several texts related to your topic and finding supporting areas to boost your argument or assertion. It also involves evaluating all our sources and documenting them in line with you instructor’s specification. You should use the most recent styles of the different citation styles. 

Create an outline

Regardless of how good your research idea is, it will not mean much to your reader if you do not arrange them to make sense. The best way to present your data logically is to use a standard outline to present the information. It will save you a lot of time from drifting out of topic and when you will be revising your research paper. A standard outline should have a title, an abstract, introduction, methodology, results/findings, discussion, and conclusion. However, for short research papers, you can only have the introduction, body, and conclusion.


You might wonder why writing comes in the middle of the process. It is good practice to start writing after you have all the information that pertains to the topic. It makes it easy for you to refer to the sources you found, and the ideas will smoothly flow. Start by writing a strong title with suggestive keywords that will make the content interesting. The introduction includes a provocative question, statistics, an anecdote, and all the research facts. The outline you earlier create will come in handy and help you structure your writing appropriately. It will give the paper a perfect flow of information. As you write, you should not worry about mistakes, and the first draft is for putting down the ideas first.

Revise, edit, and proofread

After writing, you need to go back and ensure you have written the correct grammar and gotten rid of all the mistakes. Also, ensure that there is a flow of ideas, and the sentences are clear. Ensure that it conforms to the requirements of the research paper. Make sure everything is within the topic, and you have the required word count.


Writing a research paper is now easier with the above steps. You no longer have to struggle with difficult processes and poorly written papers. Follow the above tips and shine your way to graduation with honors.


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