Writing an Abstract for a Scientific Paper: Simple Steps

There are two approaches to writing a brilliant abstract. You are either to choose between the informational or descriptive approach of writing your abstract. We are not going to dwell on any of the two major approaches. Our concern will be based on how you can expertly put together a line of approach that will go all the way to produce the ripple effects that will make your readers go gaga when they read your scientific abstract.

It must be stated here that your abstract should appear in your introduction and it should contain the hook sentence. The abstract is expected to appear in your conclusion but is differently worded. With a powerfully worded abstract, you are going to achieve the best results that will earn you higher grades. The following tips will help in throwing light on what to do in order to get the best out of your abstract:

  • After getting your title, the next thing to think about should not be your abstract. Since the abstract is expected to carry weight and tell about the important highlight in your paper; it should come last. Make your research and get your outline ready. Remove all confliction paragraphs and make sure the final draft of your outline is ready. 
  • You can now step up and bring out your abstract in a carefully worded sentence from the core of what you have gotten in your outline. This is the path for your abstract to shine like a million stars in the firmament.
  • Make sure you write your paper before you write your abstract. It is a rule that will help in bringing the best out of your abstract with rich inputs from your report. The basics of your abstract should be gotten from your report.

Important point to notice

The scientific abstract is expected to come in the third person singular. There is no room for the likes of: ‘I’; ‘We’, ‘Their’ and the rest. 

In writing your abstract, you are to be mindful of the word limit. If you fail by going above the expected limit; you risk automatic rejection for grade or publication.

The importance of keywords and phrases in search engines cannot be overemphasized. Include this in your work. When your readers are making further research on your work; it will make their work easy.

All the information that you are going to include in your abstract must be covered in the brief of your report. It will be against your interests if you include information that is not covered in your report.

Your abstract must be free from typographical errors and mistakes. Make sure you proofread your abstract for such errors. Giving it to your colleagues to read will make assurances doubly sure. You can seek help from your tutors to proofread your work.  

Final thoughts

The steps to getting the best results from your scientific abstract have been described above. If you can follow the tricks above; you will get the best results from the abstract section of your paper. 


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